Stuff doesn't work

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Stuff doesn't work

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Maxed research in blessings, which the research tree says should last 36 hrs....check my popularity tab and it says expires in 12 hrs.

Maxed siege workers guild in parish, which should have boosted my catapults production in my marsh 20%.....but it did nothing. It was 9 a day before the last upgrade. It is still 9 a day after the upgrade. 20% of 9 is at the very least it should be 10 a day, but if it is rounded correctly it should be 11.

Yes I restarted the application. Yes I waited a day. Yes I turned that building off and back on.

Failure with research, failure with parish building...where has it failed that I haven't noticed? Is this game in beta still after all these years? Maybe I should just spend my entertainment budget on something that actually functions properly.

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