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block acc

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you have blocked ndi12. I play on 1 account from different devices. Senodnya played through the anlroid emulator on the computer as the phone was updating. I exchanged cards, my account was blocked. Maps included. The further you go, the more you ruin the project, instead of developing it.

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Re: block acc

Post by xlDARKlx »

This game is abandoned for FireFly bro...
Many use alts there, many alts that we can't count, the create an ticket page on support site doesn't works and who is banned is who follow the rules as you and me.
Let's leave this game.

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Re: block acc

Post by DontBeaWuss »

The game is broken....too many players paying other players to help them...FF doesn't have the appetite to do anything about it so, yes, finding another game is good advice.

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