fun or no more fun

Based on the splintered nations and city states of Europe in 1300 AD Kingmaker will provide a different political structure to the main game.
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fun or no more fun

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Stronghold kingdoom use to be fun with the old map like the old world map who was going for years as the big carder and spender use to get feed up and leave , after a 2 ages as regular player be having time to rank up and built up with the less expensif cost of the era world , then from the age 2 to what ever we be having fun , war was fair ennemy use to become friends and friends became ennemy but it was fun and with fairness to all and the old world game ,

Era world was made for big spender who are needed to stronghold and firfly as now in today they are like every body else looking for profit and doing everything to protect the big spender and alt account as they buy card like crazy

now even the tourney the take charge of it by putting a cap and if you do not respect it they attack you
but stronghold and firefly do ot give a * about us they will ban some for a few day or a max of a week then they are back and spending $200 a shot a few time a week for card . So if you send a ticket to them expect them 1 ) not to reply 2 ) to ban you for reporting a big spender 3) to ban for a few day the one you complain about it just to please and calm you

but do not expect them to help as if you like me not spending $$$ you are like me a no body for them

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Re: fun or no more fun

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You need to understand something about TRUE Carders

We do not care about age wins / server wins / Tourneys

The prizes given for these things are just a weekend of buying cards for the true carder

The true carder plays for entertainment and community with friendships forged from years of play. We (or at least I) do not play this game for rewards

Rewards are for the FTP
After you try all the other MMO's , you keep coming back to SHK's

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