Hi!! New

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Hi!! New

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Hi guys!!! So my cousins and I started playing maybe two weeks ago? One is my age, aka old as *, and my other cousin is 15. Anyhow, he accidently voted for himself at the parish he was at. He immediately messaged this guy, and the guy messaged back "Make another mistake and i will Raze all your villages" Then almost right after he sent that message, the gentleman sent him another message saying "forget that last message"

Needless to say, the gentleman, razed his villages. His in-game name is Mormonen, Faction: Dogs of War; H20 pink hue.... He is virtually defenseless to this guy who seems to have been playing for quite some time... I am all for a little grief so the kid can learn from his mistakes, however, to COMPLETELY wipe him out of the game? Is getting to be a bit too much?? Maybe I am wrong. Could someone point me in the right direction? Little cousin is sad and I'm helpless when it comes to actually going to war with this guy. To be clear, I am not asking anyone to go to war with anyone, if someone could even set up a a way for us to talk to Mormonen
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Re: Hi!! New

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Unfortunately, there are players that are completely there for their own gains and will never help a new player.

It's maybe best that, when he spawns again, he contacts the parish owner or Sheriff or both to explain that you are a new player and not a threat....the "I come in peace" approach can sometimes work. There are many players that do help new players, it's just a matter of landing in the right place next to them, good luck!

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Re: Hi!! New

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oh mate, you will find a lot of * like Mormonen in the game, and the funny thing is that he is not a 15 years old...
lot of people with little * and big wallet are playing there to satisfy their manias

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Re: Hi!! New

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Доброго времени суток, второй день как осваиваю игру, столкнулся с трудностями, подскажите пожалуйста, в задании нужно сделать пожертвование а как это сделать не могу разобраться, подскажите что делать? Перетыкал уже все кнопки

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Re: Hi!! New

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