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Обсуждение событий в 8-ом мире.

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Multi account

Post by B4ndit45 »

Multi Account Problem
Hello dear developers.
I found a guy who is playing on many accounts. It is illegal to do it in this game as is pointed in the statute.

Player names: Osichev, Marshalzhukov, ossossesha, my surname kutuzofff, aba1, 89642911941.
All of this accounts belong to one player. Osichev is his main account.

Lot of people think the same thing, he has many account and he should get punishment for that.

This guy sends troops as a support to his other accounts and is attacking normal players with perfect timing.
He is sending punishment resources from village to village.
Is is okey to do that, I don't think so.

Please do something with him, I'm spending a lot of my time on this game and it is irritating.
If someone thinks like me please let them know too.

Thanks for your time guys, B4ndit.

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Re: Multi account

Post by koska009 »

perfidious multi-accounts .. it spoils the gameplay of normal players, spends so much money on this game and I meet with what he refuses to play ..

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