county proclamation alleging player misconduct

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county proclamation alleging player misconduct

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I received this youtube video in a county proclamation which alleges that players are buying card points from some "shady russian" (their words, not mine) The person who sent the video was PaulieCee. The youtube account supplying the video is starreaper1.

The strangest part is, the people spending the most ridiculous amounts of card points are 1. the house of the guy sending the proclamation and 2. the house of the player that made the video.

If they were aware of cheating and wanted Firefly to put a stop to it, why not send their evidence to support, and involve support in a sting operation? That could land the "shady russian" selling card points a residence in siberia.

This should be a really simple thing for Firefly to stop. They would have financial motivation to stop it.

This also appears to be an admission to cheating as well as a whistle blowing.

The second part of the video shows a website strongholdinfo that shows lots of details about players that no one should have access to besides Firefly employees. The site is not publicly accessible so I would assume it can only be seen by stronghold employees. It could be a tool for moderators to try to catch cheating. The video maker has access to it but alleges the site is a 3rd party site. I have to wonder, how does the video maker have access? I can think of 4 possibilities.

1. The person making the video is a disgruntled employee with access to a firefly internal site.
2. There could be a 3rd party and the video maker could be their employee. Many games subcontract management tasks to other companies that do nothing but manage bugs or any other type of support.
3. The site is entirely fictitious and the entire video is simply anti-firefly propaganda.
4. The video maker or someone he knows hacked into an official site and used it for anti-firefly propaganda.

IF someone were exploiting the game by selling card points it should be so easy to fix it should have never happened in the first place.

IF these allegations are true, all of the players cheating should be banned if not prosecuted. I think the gaming world needs prosecutions so players no longer have to deal with this Jerry Springer stuff. ... tarreaper1

I thought about sending this to support rather than coming to the forums but I would like feedback. The support team is gonna say thanks and that will be the last I know about it. As far as I know this game doesn't even have a pillory to allow players to see who has been banned and what they were banned for.

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Re: county proclamation alleging player misconduct

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Its all true except paying for bans lol


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