Strange Question

USA 6 has Ended following the Final Age completion.
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Strange Question

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Hi All,

So I've got a strange question. I like this game so far, but I'm just not into the aspect of attacking other players (or having other players attack me). It may be weak....I get it. Why play this game if you don't want to be attacked?

I guess I don't have a specific answer for that, other than so far I really like the style and aesthetics of the game. I work hard, I have a family....I just want a game like this to blow some free time to relax without threat of being wiped out by other players. It's just my "game style" if you could call that a game style. So if I get to the point where I'm being attacked consistently by other players, I probably will stop playing.

For me, it's the equivalent of playing a MMORPG without the threat of PKs. Some people are hardcore against such a thing. Others just want to be more casual players and face danger at their own pace.

So I figured I'd just try to check with others to see if there is such a game out there that is sort of like this but removes that "PK" element?

Maybe it's not going to be much of a problem here...but I'm just thinking ahead.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Strange Question

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You can play one of the older worlds that have not ended yet if you prefer to play peacefully.

Like UK world 2, All the major houses have agreed to stop fighting and keep the glory race going by switching the #1 house every round so that it remains in 5th age. So it is mostly peaceful world with the occasional rogue players

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Re: Strange Question

Post by DontBeaWuss »

Your 'game style' reminds me of the Castles II standalone game from Interplay for the PC - I spent many, many months playing that lol


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