How to show that you can get away with anything with money

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Re: How to show that you can get away with anything with mon

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Markhanius wrote:Dear H10 marshal Valhallas.
As I can see in game, your house members are sick of your empty talking. Look, they are leaving in droves because they can't stand you anymore, and I understand them. Your toxic behaviour will not make your defeat less your poor management or our current victory less glorious. So:
Which victory u speak of ?

Because as far as I can see after we melted all H3 out of my server in GR3 we brought less then half my tea to GR4 to farm and wait until we close GR3 and just happened to be most dominant house for first 100 days and it was funny because I kept telling ur leaders we not even here to win but enjoy watching the struggle

That is when ur leader desperately recruited 16 houses to join by his side and create alts to use against us

U guys struggle and fight hard and we just sitting back laughing while we are still champions back to back :)


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