Global Realm 4

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Lord Merbs
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Global Realm 4

Post by Lord Merbs »

Yeh so where is it?

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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by Bojas »

The person responsible for communication needs to get fired. How hard is it to communicate a date?

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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by DaveMac2222 »

We’re all waiting, I’ve taken the day off work, where’s GR4???

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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by Haldaried »

What's happening..... I've taken a holiday day today...???

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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by fictiont »

SHK where is a new world?
We were waiting on it, many peoples took day offs etc...
Here is your announcement about opening GR4 today at 15 GMT
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Lord Lordy 666
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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by Lord Lordy 666 »

I thought you said today we could be able to join a new world 'Global Realm 4'

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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by Danso »

The world is already open?
The world opened 99 days ago?

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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by SirKyler »

And the most annoying think is that they don't make any comment about this world. At least let us know that you duck it up and you will open later.
Is not the first time when Stronghold is disappointing us and looks like not even the last, very unprofessional...

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Lord Benevolent
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Re: Global Realm 4

Post by Lord Benevolent »

There was a bit of confusion regarding the date, causing us (read = me) to accidentally announce the wrong date. We updated the client news to reflect the corrected date (Dec 11), but hadn't changed the Facebook version on time.

We're (read = I am) sorry for the confusion and any inconvenience this may have caused.


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