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Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.
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Author:  JustAnotherFarmer [ Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

hmm yeah kinda true, but also there arent so many veterans left to teach guys. on gc4 i had the impression that i barely knew anyone when i looked at the leaderboards the first maybe 14 days xD but whoever asks questions gets a good answer from me and when people are active and wanna join a faction they get teached usually. funny enough i felt many new guys from mobile version also played this map and in politics and stuff like that they were messing much up. joining a faction and getting to learn from a veteran shk player is key here and i dont know if most people still try to do that.

for the time i said that age maps are for me only interesting in age 1 so 1 year for that is ok. for an era map thats a good time too. by that time the server is most often decided. i have a real high money investment into shk so my research is no issue xD had the 500 done after maybe 2 weeks.

the experience of the active players gets less and less so i think your right about us needing to train people more and give knowledge to our groups. many wars you fight are so easy or also in other way your mates do stupid mistakes and you ask yourself how can such be. community needs to bring the * bit closer together again i would agree with you on that. first step would though be to actually play the worlds xD even as neutral faction or whatever gc4 had been a blast to just farm it up and get to know new people. neutrals were let alone here quite nicely.

Author:  BeowulfKing [ Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

i always try my best to prevent blacklists and let good players keep farming after they lose wars. Its a shame to lose them for quality of future wars.
For most players it takes a big effort to rank up, finnish researches and be properly ready to fight. Usually they have just few maps...So when someone dont let you to farm once you lost a war it turns you from the game.

Author:  JustAnotherFarmer [ Sat Dec 29, 2018 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

true. allthough i see that more * for people who look new. people who you know for 8 years and who always wanted to kill you it is senseless to let those farm. on gc4 we tried that, we won war versus shadius group and defenders group and left them untouched to farm. then just 2 weeks later we had our spies come to us with their plans to kill us again in secret mission xD without them having the people to do it. so i expect at least when i let enemies farm that they do that and come back strong and with a team that might beat me. i hate blacklists and most dont get unto one and for sure none of them gets onto it for new maps, but when i have someone then taking a new chance i want to have a challenge else i feel they want to be kidding me and i can also farm apples then and remove them completly when they dont come up with a real fight :D i meant more though that we needa teach the new guys. there are enough people playing they just needa know how to actually do things best. how to rank fast how to defend decently and such. the old people i know enough. they will never beat me or my group as we are basically done outsmarting them every time. having new people around who get to some experience also would make it fun again

Author:  BeowulfKing [ Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

In this game most imp is skill(time attacking and good formation), after skill comes resources (Gold more imp then faith), on 3rd place are cards.
As final, there is organization inside group aswell. But lets say if there is no skill then organization means nothing.
If there is no resources, but have good skill and organization, still can get something from war(sign peace and get some land somewhere)..somethimes when enemy is much stronger, making peace deal and get sth is not losing imo.

If 2 groups confronted, are equal in skill and resources, then who is more organized will beat who have more cards.
do you agree?

Author:  JustAnotherFarmer [ Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

skill i think is something different than what you said... skill is for example when and where to attack when to play which card and how to use the good formations and create and use good defences. defending yourself is much more important than attacking an enemy. as it safes your fp. and when the enemy looses fp earlier than you, then you can kill him with * formations too ;) as he will not be able to id every time he goes out with the dog, goes to shower, has to do something for work and such. having a good group is more important than having ressources, because you can send captains from multiple accounts in your group and safe ressources that way. the actual most important thing for your own way to victory is a decent group and the ability to set your account up in a good way. you needa know how to make honor the fastest way with the cards you own, how you make gold fast and have it stored. 10 mio at least better 20 to 50 mio. formations you can get from a good teammate who is more experienced in attacking than you. he just needs to tell you which to use when and its fine. timing attacks everyone can do easy with online stopwatches. having a good team you can rely on is something that you can only build over long time so its worth the most. defending is also something that you need experience for. do you need 400 archers and 200 pikes for those attacks incomming or maybe 250 archers and 350 pikes? and why is this castle good and that castle bad, but they both look nearly the same and without taught eyes you dont see the weak points xD so much comes with experience, but can be learned by new guys too when they ask people who already know about it ;)

cards are needed, but not too many. you need be able to card your defences and to have speeded armies to time. you also need to have influence cards, but not to throw them every 6 hours but only when you need them. to have a nice time peasnt cards in good number are also fine. but skill and group plus a few cards on each beats big wallet without a clue ;)

Author:  BeowulfKing [ Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

When and where is part of strategy. Thats another aspect beside organization, Picking targets and lands to break the chain.
what you said is when you organize inside group to save gold by each making 1 captain army, attacking together and looking after others is organization...

skill for me is if i have player, who will sit in one county and with 5 captain attacks raze anyhow carded castle. He will be able to FAST shoot 5 captains in space of 10 sec,so enemy is always in fear of beeing attacked if he takes 5min break. He will have 3-5 different formations, each making its own deal and each needs to come in order, so thats another timing where you need to put them in order.
Lets say he can fail 5th attack, as always it depends on castle and how well side is defended. But if he have proper formations, like we have nowdays, it cant happen more then 2x in 10attacks.
Organizing 5 of this players in unit makes much more damage.
if you organize this skilled player with farmers and they give him new villages as he uses troops in others, he can raze daily as long as they give him new villages with fres paesants. That is if he farmed enough gold.

I dont like cannons, but there are also formations against them, so even 5 cannons are used, 7 attacks get in.

Now this is skilled player. And unfortunatelly not that they are many, they are few. Problem is that few want to actually learn this skills

Author:  Godnomed24 [ Sat Feb 23, 2019 2:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Excessive Alt Account players. Firefly doesn't care.

We spend all of this time and money on this game and someone just comes along and completely wipes out everything I've done? This is terrible. I've spent a lot of money and months of time and overnight some other player just takes everything and wipes out every village.

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