Peace Time on this special world

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Re: Peace Time on this special world

Post by DontBeaWuss » Wed May 08, 2019 7:49 pm

Nope nope more Ai worlds please as it's only a conduit for the handful of players who have amassed thousands and thousands of points and card packs under the previous 3 Ai worlds (not joking) - any new Ai world where rogues can kill Ai until their hearts' content under any peacetime will only allow them to gain more and more card points and card packs to add to the thousands they have already.....Enough!

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Re: Peace Time on this special world

Post by Rillouto » Wed May 08, 2019 9:27 pm

lol finaly, you have maybe right DBW :lol:

but look,

admins are talking about the 30 days peace time for the beginner , we are talking about the 3 days of peace time when you buy a charter ....

admins are talking about spawn area, we are talking about others counties who are not in spawn area ...

admins are talking about to destroy all AI, we are talking to try to keep parishes , counties/countries who are not in spawn area ....

how can we no talk the same language ? .... amazing ! :lol:

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Re: Peace Time on this special world

Post by DontBeaWuss » Wed May 08, 2019 9:57 pm

Rillouto...I believe they do not know what they speak of lol

I believe FF think Ai worlds are to be played like normal worlds but just with an added sprinkling of more Ai spawning at regular intervals...which, you and I and most players on Ai worlds know, it cannot.

The amount of times many of us have endevoured to spend time in explaining why Ai worlds are not working as they should beggars belief and FF still don't do anything about how to fix, get rid of being able to attack Ai while in peacetime.

If FF want to start another Ai world where it's just the same as before and believe me, even if FF turn down the peacetime to 3 days, you are still gonna get the likes of, well, we all know who the main culprits are, setting up in areas and being able to destroy all the rats and then snakes well within 3 days of peacetime, they should plonk an FF novice on the map from day 1 and see what happens when the rogues come in and see how that FF novice likes it when s/he can't kill rats within their villa range...maybe then FF will understand the peacetime loophole they have created to allow certain rogues to gain thousands of points almost in the blink of an eye when they constantly card up their research etc.....maybe they'll understand but......I doubt it.

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Re: Peace Time on this special world

Post by WaywardChampion » Thu May 23, 2019 2:48 am

The solution to the issue is NOT to remove the peace interdiction from players attacking AI. It is to LIMIT the number of card packs that can be gained daily to about 10 to 12 a day. This reduces the incentive to kill off the AI "farms" unless this is being done by another house or faction as part of a war tactic, which in my opinion, is a valid tactic.

Part of the issue is that ANY unknown player on the map who moves to an AI parish is automatically considered a "Rogue" unless they belong to a house faction, and in many cases, are reset the moment that they lose ID. This is also VERY unfair and it actually seems more of an issue to me than the players who kill the AI farms.

All these complaints about the peace interdiction seem more like bullies complaining about THE OTHER bullies who wont follow THEIR rules.

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Re: Peace Time on this special world

Post by DontBeaWuss » Thu May 23, 2019 8:25 pm

I beg to differ - I think we all know who the "rogue" players are because they are well known throughout several, if not all, servers.

Limiting card pack wins/points may be a small solution for the future, however, the case early on in the current Ai world was a small handful of certain players getting rid of rat farms around a certain other small amount of players because these 2 bands of players were enemies over several other maps and each hounded each other's rat farms out, to the disappointment of the innocent players caught in the middle, that could only stand by and watch it happen.

This sort of behaviour is against FF gameplay rules, yet it happened and, as I see it, if another Ai world opens without significant gameplay alterations, ie, no attacking under peacetime, then it will happen again, regardless of limiting card packs/point wins.

Don't forget, as I've mentioned before, these certain players are sitting on thousands of points and card packs - they don't need to spend any money ever again on this game because, over the 3 Ai worlds, they plonked themselves into the middle of easy Ai and picked them all off while the rest of us could only watch because the rogues were protected by peacetime.

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