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 How I play Wolf server 
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Post How I play Wolf server
These are strategies that work for my game play style and may not suit every player but I will share what works for me

1) Research; forget any banquets, your honor will come from attacking AI. So get that military tree researched so you can attack the AI. I still have not done any farming research except 1 pt in apple yet at Day 10.

2) Villages; Capture villages from Snake (starting out) for your second village. A Rat castle is easy kill for honor and wheel spins but crap castles to own any too much work required to defend one. Cap a Snake castle which can be done with as little as 50 pike and 50 archers (max health) if you pick a small version.

But at least once you get it the stone walls and towers will allow you to defend it as likely you will be attacked within first 12 hrs after capping. I like to cap the snake castles with ballista and/or Bombardments then build around them for my 3 and 4th villages

I convert all village types to Highland as the pitch and stone supplies are great for keeping up defenses

3) I like to secure a small parish that has a total of 5 to 7 village slots by occupying all them. That allows me to keep and upgrade the parish with stone/pitch/bow/apple guilds to increase village productions of these goods for all my villages there

4) I have no plans to rank past Viscount at this point as it will only increase the size of attacks from AI upon me. I will build honor for now and continue to upgrade the parish and finish my villages fully with complete castles with ballista and pitch with turrets and some have BB as they were present when I capped them. After which I will rank up with all the saved honor and take another parish with a few more villages at once

5) All the AI parishes are open for flag raiding and I send out 9 pike at a time from my villages to gather up flags as needed. (no need to wait for parish troops for this)

If you got some tips that have helped you on this server feel free to share as I get the feeling from reading threads that some players are struggling trying to figure out a game plan that works for them

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Post Re: How I play Wolf server
This seems like a solid strategy, I will try it out.

Thanks for sharing!

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Post Re: How I play Wolf server
1st set up max bribe to get max honour to get started.

then its all about picking important researches(if nobody helping you out)

1. mathematics at max
2. scouts, speed and foraging
3. enginering to increase capacity
4. merchants
5. armour capacity
6. traders speed and comerce

after this is done you can start with army attacking and defending.

Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:18 am
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