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First of all the game won't allow that because their income would be limited by the amount of card points someone can play. Secondly, how much points are we talking about. 500, 5000, or more. 500 would still put no payers at an disadvantage. Spending cards is not a skill easily learned. You have spend the money and make the mistakes to learn and that seems like a lot of money for lessons. The highest point cards can easily go up to 500 points.

Also who is to say that maybe one of the wallet warriors are from Firefly to motivate people to spend. Wouldn't be a bad tactic at all to just have an employee play as a player and give him/her unlimited cards to show how powerful the cards are so others follow suit and spend their money on the game. Also to make it less taboo to spend thousands a month on a game!

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I like your last point - it would make good temporary business sense to do exactly that and would take quite a while for most players to catch on to the deception. It wouldn't suprise me if they did fund one or 2 people with free cardpoints etc to "kickstart" the spending. May not have to of course if there are enough people around willing to throw a lot of money at the game so that they can appear to be superior to the rest of us :)

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