Player Profile: Jezdeb, Ransacker Extraordinaire

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Player Profile: Jezdeb, Ransacker Extraordinaire

Post by DanDanWeatherMan » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:11 pm


Today after an intensive search we've located the #1 ransacker on the planet, he's a shy elusive bloke that hails from the isles north of France.

His record on day 79 is an impressive 1,633 buildings ransacked. This means he's bulldozing at a rate of nearly 20 buildings a day.

The primary contender for the record is an Alderman that goes by kingmario with a total 1,609 buildings demolished.

Jezdeb is a veteran of the game and has held, and currently holds the record of #1 ransacker on a number of other worlds.

He has declined to be interviewed on the record, stating that he fears with elevating his notoriety; that his past misdeeds may catch up with him.

We wish you the best going forward Jezdeb!
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