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Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:10 pm
by PtolomyTortoise
I'm a new player. Only been playing about a week, so maybe this is a normal aspect of gameplay.

I'm having a serious issue with popularity, and recruiting peasants to my one and only village. My village was put in a territory that doesn't seem all that active. As a new player, I'm subjected to a -30 disease popularity decrease from a capital that is at 200 disease rate. I can't make monks to fix the problem even if I wanted to. The weather is crappy, so I'm losing it there. I have 20 peasants total, so I can't defeat the wolf lairs, or bandit camps that are also plaguing the territory that my village is in. The result is that for most of my time playing, I can't get my popularity over +7, despite having popular buildings, ale, and x3 food rations, and low occupancy rate.

Is this by design? I mean, is the intent of the game to literally only let you get one villager every 18 hours? Scout a bandit camp, lose your scout, and now you get to wait 18 hours again to do anything? I can't even raise taxes because any sort of positive gain in tax income results in my total popularity going negative. Surely I mustve mis-stepped somewhere.