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Important: Missing mobile features. Optional future additions that improve game experience

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:24 pm
by NaTRoX61
Hello Firefly!

I am an officer of an alliance with around 400+ players. We are mobile players play and communicate every day. We took the time and gathered some features that are missing for mobile. These missing features would help rivaling with the pc plattforms. Its difficult to compete with pc players due to these missing features:

-Fixing catapults: The flying line is missing only the impact circle is visible since more than one year. This make it nearly Impossible to create decent formations.

-add local formations tab to create local formations (cloud only formations isnt enough)

-improving troop placement (fix sticky troops bug)

-add individually selecting troops (possible solution: long press on touchscreen you can drag a square and troops in this square get selected for moving/remove options similar to pc)

-add selecting all troops of a unit (possible solution: By double touching on a unit all units get selected for moving/remove options) this feature would be essential for players who build only expensive pitch monster castles. You could spam the remove button but after you remove a block of a unit the game prioritizes to remove pitch first this is absolutely devastating for these castle types. This would give players the opportunitiy to do fast counterattacks like on the pc.

- Little castle building improvement: place walls and moat while moving the finger on touchscreen (place individually and place a block of walls as option) these feature would drastically help in building pitch monsters confortably.

All these features exist on the pc plattform and need to be in mobile as well.

Optional suggestion for mobile only:

-Different world types (E.g. Europe realm ..., Dommination realm ..., German realm ..., etc.) Would be nice to see different types then only Global realm

Now some optional suggestions that applys to all plattforms. We would really appreciate it if you add these features over time to time:

-Outposts (This was David Spy's suggestions in one of his videos) Outposts work similar to a village you dont need to build a village. You can send troops, ressources and build only a castle. You can attack / raze with it. This feature would be beautyful. Its absolutely annoying and painful to watch over 30+ villages

-Traders and Monks should not count into army space

-premium token applys on the account not on one specific world

-Cooldown until respawn on map on era 3+ servers. Less trolls/rouges/village jumpers, more reasons to card castles against attacks. Once you are removed, you are removed...

-convert gold into Card points with a weekly cap (for example 500-1000 cp per week). This would motivate players to trade a lot and put more playtime.

-Adding a Beginners world: This was a suggestion from a player in one thread i remember. Its a never ending world with no compettition (no house system) and extreme high honour and captain costs for capture/raze to protect players (noob protection). Honour gain should be like on era 1. New player must play that server before they can join the real servers. When you reach duke/prince you can leave the world and youre able to join other worlds. This would be a heavy punch to alt account abusers.

-Tournament modes: Maps that last 1-7 days all cards for free except honour, honour boost, research cards and "best" card types. Adjusted research times for these maps. Automatically applied Premium token features on these maps. Costs to join a map: 1 Game = 7-day Premium token 3 Games = 30-day Premium token. For these modes a ranking/leaderboards system to determine the best players in the game. Small rewards for winning/participating a Tournament world.

-castle attack simulator: A separate editor and simulator where you can build a castle like you want and do a attack Simulation with formations. You can adjust in "settings" for example what cards are used and activated and how many timed attacks with what formations should be simulated.

-for account safety and reduce the amount of account sharing abusers add two factor authentification.

I appreciate all players, moderators and developers if they read and give their thoughts about it. We appreciate any constructive feedback.



Re: Important: Missing mobile features. Optional future additions that improve game experience

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 2:16 pm
by Mario96LPFan
These are some very good ideas.

I would add a non premium world,in which only premium tokens are avialable.
And they do work,and are not a resource drain for the company,other games do this as well.

Make monk actions cheaper and remove the faith point cap.

Also,smaller worlds in which wars for territory are fought not because of the glory race,but because of places to expand.
Maybe a world where additional countys are opened as needed.

Re: Important: Missing mobile features. Optional future additions that improve game experience

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 11:03 am
by NaTRoX61
To the point of non premium token world:

You have to look it in this way that the pt is next to the carders one of ff biggest money gain. So a non Premium world wouldnt be so rentable.

And to the monk point:

How the faith point costs work are ok. Its cheap in early eras and later increasing. And removing faith point cap would not make much sense. Newer players cant catch up to the longer playing ones. And this is why not many players join on age worlds.

Newer smaller worlds:

I agree. Not much to say about it :)

Re: Important: Missing mobile features. Optional future additions that improve game experience

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:36 am
by NaTRoX61
Its been already a week and not even a mod replied. This is really not cool. We put time and effort to find all these missing features and suggestions and no response. We gave you kindof a "roadmap" for the app. But no reply is also a reply. It seems like were not mutch worth for you.