Update recommendations

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Update recommendations

Post by Rathwan » Sat May 25, 2019 3:14 pm

It is a good game but I think some simple updates can make it a lot better! One example being the view of your village, we should be able to zoom in and out so we can place and move buildings in corners and use 100% of the village space we have, instead I have buildings in corners I can’t get out and there are a lot of gaps and wasted space that I can’t put any more buildings on.

Also in the castle we should be able to move everything like walls and towers but can’t do that once we’ve placed it down without losing resources we spent building it with.

The idea I have in mind is similar to what clash of clans have in the sense they can zoom in and out to see the whole village and place buildings in the corners as well as be able to remove buildings and walls in village mode and castle mode where everything can be picked up and rearranged but not allow you to save and make active u less you’ve placed down every building.

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Re: Update recommendations

Post by King Phillip II » Sun May 26, 2019 6:24 pm

Zooming for the village view would DEFINITELY make the game better!

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Re: Update recommendations

Post by Jeff Villeneuve » Sun Jul 14, 2019 12:09 pm

Uh, i dont think ive ever encountered a game regarding this age that was lacking in mounted soldiers. I know you have the sally forth, but its not really the same. Theres no siege towers, battering rams or underminers. Which maybe makes sence since you cant place soldiers on walls anyways, except archers. I like the game. Its one of 3 ive been playing for months. But its got real limitations. Being able to fight army to army on a battlefield, using the wooden structures as hastenly assembled forts, or maybe a wee bit more control of the army would be nice. Also,puting roads down in the village. But most of all, i hate, and i mean HATE, that i cant view the battle in toggled view, or as it is occuring in real time. Only after the fact..uh... lastly, flaming munitions would be nice. And damaged, burning wreckage after an attack rather than red structures. It just needs ore realism. Its a little to...unfinished. But still. Awesome game. Thats why id like to see it better.

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