Game Needs Big Changes!

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Game Needs Big Changes!

Post by ZeMadDog »

Really do not like the era system, and how it allows people that pay hundreds of dollars to dominate for the first 3-4 ages.
This game has become more of a cash grab with no regular updates, graphics improvements, or game-play updates. The game seems to be just sitting and not making any progress. I love this game and have played since World 1, but you guys keep making so many different worlds with different maps, rather than sticking to what made this game great!

Go back to the old style of game-play where you only have World 1 and World 2 and maybe 1-2 other worlds. Also have 1-2 worlds in each language as well.
Make it so that instead of a world ending in only 300-500 days, instead it ends in 800-1500 days. It just sucks because we work so hard and it takes so long to become a crown prince with 40 villages, and then the world just ends as soon as you reach this milestone. There is no point of playing then if you cannot at least enjoy crown prince. The only people that reach crown prince is the people that pay 1000 dollars+ at world open.

This game used to be the top game and now seems to be hitting rock bottom, and its just you doing it to yourselves. :(
I used to love the old stronghold kingdoms, but now it just seems to be forgotten.

Please fix the game and many players will return. Relaunch the game with new graphics, updates, and actually try on this game again. Don't just leave it in the dust.

this is not just my feedback, but almost every player on world 2 and island warfare. all players are getting to a breaking point.

And im not saying remove the end world option, but just extend the time the world has to about 800 days or more.

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Re: Game Needs Big Changes!

Post by DontBeaWuss »

Personally, they need to get rid of the cheating before this game becomes even semi-decent again.

Too many alt accounts. Too many using bots. Too many being able to access other player accounts through direct access software. Too many having access to real-time status of player activities, ie. whether they are online or not, amount of gold in parishes etc. Too many players buying services from other players.

The game is balanced towards the players that regularly cheat and only once FF deals with all of this, then the players will return, not before.

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