password reset NOT working

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Re: password reset NOT working

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Bassmace wrote:
Wed Oct 23, 2019 10:16 am
please can i have my account back. i play as beelingus, am using this old account (bassmace - never used) because its the only way onto the forum, and now because of silly password forcing system i have had to set up another email account just to get my original account back. still waiting reply.

someone came and shut down my negative post about this very fast, but cant reply to my PM or give me back my account yet.
Your Russian playerbase might be used to all this multi account rubbish but i am not, i just want to play the game as beelingus only just like i have for years.
Hello Beelingus, I am glad to see that you are still playing here :)

I had to reset my password too. My E-Mail account had tagged Shk's verification email as spam and it was only after checking in my spam box that I found it. Perhaps you have a similar issue?

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Re: password reset NOT working

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Im not. Firefly cant keep my password safe so they forced me to reset it, and because i have lost access to the old email i had started this game under, they have kicked me out of SHK for good. I have lost all my cards (many of which have given firefly nice profit), and all that i have put into this game in the last few years. I filled in their account retrieval form and they simply ignored it.
i wonder if there big investors who like to pay to win like defender and reckoning had to reset their passwords too... ROFL

Im out of here, gl to players who are sticking at it. i have seen the player base destroyed in the last 4 years by fireflys lack of care for fair gameplay and greediness in making cards for big spenders like the big oil and moat cards, which are only for those who invest considerable amounts into this game. the game has no balance like it did when i joined a few years ago on w6. it was fun then, its boring now with brainless idiots taking over the whole servers in days what a joke this 'game' has become. E1 had 35k players join, and the number barely gets to 10k for new servers now, it has fallen steadily as fair players who like a chance to win when playing a game (rofl) dropped out.

The fun part was the people, i have enjoyed meeting and playing with many cool folks from all around the world, and for that im grateful and thats the only part i will miss.

and for the record i am mighty * off how firefly have managed to steal my account from me and kick me from the game, after the time i put in here, and the effort me and my freinds have made to not all just join the biggest winning side and to make this game fun for players around us.


ps i even PMed the mod in this forum and he also ignored me.

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