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Influx of new players
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Author:  Priest Guardian [ Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Influx of new players

Its good to see an increase of 300+ players over the last 2 months to Island Warfare map

Age 3 certainly brings its own rewards

I mean even though I joined this server 2 years after it started I am about to finally turn Crown Prince with help of the increased honor in this Age 3. That also means I am going up from 15 villages to 30 or as close to 30 as I can in the next week

Worst thing about joining a older server is playing catch up with the research which generally takes little over 1 year to complete all

But honestly enjoying myself and really look forward to the later ages when house size gets reduced. I completely plan to be part of the winning house so look forward to achieving that status

UPDATE; Its been awhile since I went from Prince to Crown Prince and discovered I need a whole lot of honor for this in regards to being able to take 30 villages that is. Need more ranks in CP. So going to have to play a expert banquet card and see how much honor I can pull in with a full banquet.

Author:  Priest Guardian [ Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Influx of new players

Up to 20 villages now. LOL far cry from 30 but having fun just the same. Also love this last update with tournaments. Although I personally will not get any better than a 3rd place prize for the tournament it offers great rewards for new players. Who currently with only 2 days remaining in the tournament there are 14 active new players competing and 10 will get the second place silver prize. Pretty sweet odds imo to get a decent prize for new players on this server

Seems like the old rule set is for the most part in effect and ages seem to be at a reasonable speed. Time well spent gaming imo and still worth a sale crown purchase on this server anyway

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