How brazenly H17 cheat

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How brazenly H17 cheat

Post by Devoldini » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:16 pm

I submitted a ticket and i made this thread only to make it public so i HOPE that admins will do their work and don't ignore this!
Players CeaSar.11., ShIfT 025, the last legend gave their villages in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia & Kuwait to absolutely new LOW RANK accounts with 0 quests and achievements. After alts took away these villages from them the main accounts send captains to take them back. While captains was on the way to their villages they sent a lot of monks with interdict to their villages which was in alts control. So cost of interdict was really low because these alts has LOW RANK. When captains arrived to their villages they took these villages back and now they have 50+ days interdict on it.

There is the list of cheaters who did it:
CeaSar.11., ShIfT 025, the last legend, princedotchaprincedotcha, Namira01, lamaface, can u see me, mamaya

There is the list of screenshots to prove it:

It is a HUGE rule violation.
I hope that admins will REALLY investigate this and wont ignore my tickets like they do always!
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Re: How brazen H17 cheat

Post by Rosario » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:48 pm

When I accused them to cheat they said: we are smart not cheaters.
They are so smart that cesar.11. monked himself in Saudi Arabia and the next day he gave away all villages losing all votes.
They are so smart that they sent ID to amine13 but forgot to ID the village from which he sent...and I razed it lol
And today they are so smart that they failed a friendly capture. So that they broke 40 days ID to let send another captain.
But main question is: how they intend to attack us with 40 days ID?

The player mamaya, a Knight with 7 quest and 7 achievements. This is clearly a new account created with the only purpose to put many days of ID. They may use another connection and another computer so that everything is ok when the admins investigate. This is cheating in any case. Go ahead, you are great players.

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Re: How brazen H17 cheat

Post by the last legend » Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:06 pm

Did you come here to cry hhhhhhhhh...

We will do another 50 day ID in Europe dont think we are out of PF there more friend form the faction with more than 1 millions PF ...the faction was Farming from AGE 1 ....

This war is monking war...go cry to gaddina and here whole square of alts......

Just for your informations they are real poeple so stop crying and play ....we learn from the best ( Gaddina)

As gaddina said :Be a smart if you wanna survive..
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Re: How brazen H17 cheat

Post by rofldeadmondo » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:23 pm

Devoldini you should be banned because it's not allowed to put name's publicly. I was banned on forum because of that.

At least they are using other tactics then alts of H14, so we learned something new :P

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