attacking a village charter

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Re: attacking a village charter

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Its still surprises me that u r from uk and still cant speak ur own language properly
Ofc h10 will hve top razes since most h19 players left or got banned obviously they are the only one left so how they cant be top
From my experience h10 make friendly raze and nipples and neutrals thats all u * are capable of dojng being sponsored and absolutely sucking, funny how you jump on h10 *, i dont need to ride h19 dixk i am h19s * so u all can ride me
Learn to play *, u lost anyway and this race is more and more ridiculous, one more time, i ask you to respond to me about paolo king and unnameable, if you dont xheat then why dis you give account of a wuitter to another player, you broke the rules how aint that cheating
Diamond piggy, good drinker, nn bushe, agothican, all ex h10 players, wait 1 person 4 accounts, add luori on top of that, they all cheat but they arent h10 anymore so they are not responsible for h10 altint
Death squad and black guard alting and acc sharing like cazy nit gonna mention bots, only 1 of them bannwd even though all had been reported but they surely are clear when get insta ID after attack was aent or suddenly 5 accounts are ready for countermonking at 4 am
U r not knly forum * u r just regular * meattrash and i gont give a * what u think, you are piece of * just like your other gays from sneaky * team

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Re: attacking a village charter

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This last post by you is borderline meta-artistic self aware parody

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