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 David Spy Video - David, StarReaper, Veng Is Mine, 0ct4ane 
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Icarus Fall wrote:
Most ideas look good on the surface but are actually unpractical or with secondary effects that aren't completely considered.
The game does not need a huge revamp but there are some sticking points.

Unbalance: Massive, one-sided alliances destroy the competitive aspect of the game; several worlds have suffered and suffer from this. Combine this with carder circle-jerking like it is happening in some recent maps and you get very underwhelming and uninteresting servers very fast.

Server dropout rate: Judging by the number of players that drop out mid-way through Age 1, there is clearly a large fraction of the playerbase that is attracted to new maps but cannot keep the interest in the long term. Opening of additional new maps is obviously a factor but I don't think it explains it all. There may be ways to reduce this...? Perhaps even with playerbase driven initiatives?

Time-sink: Well, it what it is. Availability to play the game is the ultimate resource.

The snowball effect: The game mechanics create strong positive feedback cycles and this is why carding and time-investment at the start of a server is quite impactful. Perhaps the feedback cycle mechanics could be nerfed but remember in the big picture this may not be such a huge factor as long as the server is balanced.

Overall, I think SHK does a great job at creating an interesting MMO experience. Many times I find myself gazing at the social, political and population dynamics created with such a simple ruleset. In fact, many of the issues pointed out above are partially addressed by the playerbase's reaction to them. In the end, I think is important to try to enjoy the journey and remember that each of one us can contribute to a goal larger than ourselves.

I think your wrong on many account, Firefly doesn't do much to foster a great MMO experience and I think you will find the majority of the ideas presented would have secondary consequences that would benefit the game not hinder it. As far as underthunder is concerned earn more money :P I agree you should maybe do more bang for your buck at a lower cost, to get more people to spend money, to even things out a bit. I agree on the Poli cards kill them. Far as the rest of the game, the point of most of the ideas in the video is to slow down the level of destruction possible so you cant easily walk over the top of people. If you took a strong squad of players and put them in a bottle neck on the map you would have a * of a fight trying to push through the territory to get to the next. This magically respawning and card murdering 50 villages in 4 hours is not a good thing for card or non carding players. It speeds up the natural end time for the average player, so they will drop the game or the map faster.

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