My apologies

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My apologies

Post by KMMMAN » Fri Jun 03, 2016 2:04 am

First and for most. I'm going to apologies for the way I handled myself on this forum. Some of the things I said were uncalled for. As some of you know I have been playing this game since W3. And as my post count will reflect I rarely post on this forum. I allowed my anger to take over. Yes, I thought that the Russian's (the cheating one's. Not all of them) (and yes others cheat as well, not just the Russian's and I have reported others besides them) getting razed by a cheater was Karma for the massive alting and boting that some of them do. In game I do talk ALOT of smack. Thats my style of play. I like getting into people's heads. However my actions on this forum were totally uncalled for. I do agree with drsepa on 99% of what he said on another post. The Rollback was the right thing to do. However the after math of it was totally handled wrong.

A person has their limits to everything. This instance pretty much has me at mine. I have put myself on vacation mode to evaluate weather I want to continue this game or not. After putting in the time and money that myself and others do and having those things that people spend their hard earned money on taken away, and basically blown off when a ticket is issued about it. Has left me at a point where I dont know if I want to be involved with a company that doesn't value their customers and the money they may or may not spend. A simple genuine reply from someone on the staff would have been much better, rather than the copy/paste reply about the "critical error" that had nothing to do with my ticket that was submitted.

If I choose not to come back to the game. I want everyone to know that I enjoyed the wars. And I will miss some of you.. As for others.. learn how to monk!!! and take some lessons on how to attck.. :lol:

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