charterbuyer coalition against H1

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The Vengeful
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Re: charterbuyer coalition against H1

Post by The Vengeful » Fri May 06, 2016 11:35 pm

Electric Sabers lets seeeeeeeee

112 Razes
23 Captures

All the fight stats look good, little light on the bandit camps and wolf lairs to be in the 3 above league. The man would rather raze a village then cap it and why not, if the village is gone its gone, and he makes the gold and honor to back it up. Multiple villages in a war zone, with some in a safeish zone to back them up.

That boys is how you do it boys. You want to * about other people on the map not fighting the good fight you should have stats like his :)

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Re: charterbuyer coalition against H1

Post by Juris931 » Sat May 07, 2016 5:45 am

i have 40k razes 8-)

anyway as you know achievements can mean a lot as they can mean nothing
is good thing compare leaderboard AI Killer with warrior achievement ,for example i have 67755 troops killed in total and 23068 are IA
they should make a leaderboards for human kills ( even if u can kill paesants in your friend castle , so like all others can be falsified )

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Re: charterbuyer coalition against H1

Post by meatball2k » Sat May 07, 2016 8:18 am

Ok so rate the guy who is nu,mber one on razes.

Ask the people who I have been fighting ober the last 50 days how my attacks have been or if I am aggresive enough. Many breakers sent, many captains sent, pot luck if I get the raze as we usualaly send 4-5 captain armies and only 1 can get the raze.

We put up great fight against ashots crew and I would hope they respect us a whole lot more now then they did when we started the war. You dont know how good someone is untill you fight them,

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Re: charterbuyer coalition against H1

Post by meatball2k » Sat May 07, 2016 8:23 am

Looks like h1 taken some land in russia...

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Re: charterbuyer coalition against H1

Post by TotallyNotMicha » Thu May 19, 2016 11:53 am

DuLe91 wrote:
The Vengeful wrote: Dule91

Razes - 21 - Not war winning numbers for a forum warrior. In SHK if you want to win you need lots of people razing and fighting. Trust me I know ive won :)
Captures - 11, Yikes. So every war you put 1 village into a war zone, and then sit on ID and help monk a little eh? Grats.
Warrior Silver, so killed less than 20k enemy troops.
Miser Silver, so never had over a million gold. Need gold to fight.
Viking Gold, so he doesn't pillage....
Charity Gold, doesn't send weapons to the fighters I guess...
Flag raider gold, doesn't flag raid, which is fine cause he doesn't donate, doesn't fight.

.......Got the wolf diamonds though so there is that.
First of all I'm not warrior on forum or in game, I'm playing supporter this world. I'm not focusing on razes, like a lot people in this game. Yes i got 21 raze, 11 captures never had more then 1m gold. So what? At least I'm playing...

I doesn't need to sent weapons to fighters, if I fill up parish or capitols. That doesn't count in achievements, why would i sent them weapons so they can build troops when I'm able to sent troops by my self. If you get flag with parish flag doesn't count for achievement.
liar, forum warriors are the best and you are one of us

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