MIP reached the bottom

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Re: MIP reached the bottom

Post by TotallyNotMicha » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:16 pm

TotallyNotJVC.com wrote:Haha J.J. Watt thinks HBO is actually good in any way ;) maybe even true now though when every real good players have left already or are leaving soon;)

David even when you dont play anymore you just randomly login to the forums from time to time and look how people you defeated make up crazy stories about how they bullied you out;)
BTW i am still watching your weekly videos so i know whats going on hehe. i guess i have been a bit too honest in my last posts with my chat account so i just found both my accounts banned now also on forums hahaha.

Russians won and MIP had good strategy and won too. the rest did not win and everything that happens from now is not to count anyways as FF opened a new world and so the competiotion on every further gc worlds is gone again;)

BTW Micha told me on whatsapp like one month ago that they were only staying and monking in mali to destroy BHs parishes and seats as they would also leave in a bit. Game is quite dead anyways lets all just move on right.
i knew i will be trendsetter in some way...but you took it to whole another level xD

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