end of rise of wolf rewards

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end of rise of wolf rewards

Post by Badgerz »

OK whats going on we won the last round,and won the final star and to this date we have all received some minor packs of cards ,and no card points..nothing like the stated prizes that you so generously posted as rewards

on the afternoon of the admin message you posted the incorrect information that H11 had actually won the last round and got them self the last star ..is this a case that you have also made a huge blunder and given our prizes to them if so again you disappoint us...i think we deserve some compensation if this is the case

i hope some one has a saved screenshot of this as i only have the h6 related screenshots as i can not access wolf world to re collect such info due to it been closed forever

so admins pull your finger out and tell me its just a case of a issue of this world not having a final ending planned and not that you truly * it up and gave the wrong house our well earned prizes




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Re: end of rise of wolf rewards

Post by tpot79 »

i hope they have not messed up again as they should know who wins the round without us having to tell them :) and if they have they should give us extra card pack or some crowns lol for thier mistake to make it clear who won :)

house 6 won not house 11 guys come on sort out our prizes :(


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