Wolf gets too much bias

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Re: Wolf gets too much bias

Post by HappyHour224 » Fri Aug 21, 2015 4:11 pm

You feeling OK mate? I am just trying to stir Firefly into action - most people don't like to state what they don't like for fear of being called a complainer so they are silenced - not so with me. You can whinge all you like about me complaining but I will just throw it all back at you :)
Clearly there are a lot of problems with the design and exectution of their wolf world which they seem to care little about.
Attacking me will not help to push them into fixing things.
you are not helping anything, you are turning the forums into a * because you nag about "problems". FF has stated many tiems that if you see a glitch or something along those lines report it to support, not bother with it here on the forums because, like you said, they dont read this stuff.

The structure of the wolf world is (for the most part) fine, they do not need to add or reduce anything to make it easier to play, those that have a hard time are just doing it wrong and should ask someone that is doing ok how they could do it better (or ask on this forum)

you will find that this world will get less priority than other worlds because it is surely the least profitably world of them all and they have only so many developers.

Hate to say it, but most of the issues with AI having larger control in some area's then then should have, is due to the players. Rats and snakes are to easy to kill for quick wheel spins and for the most part get over farmed and killed off by greedy plays over farming them getting them killed out of parishes at beginning. Which lead to pigs and wolfs in there place where players can't kill them fast enough to remove the parishes. Its very difficult to establish farming parishes and set down rules that will insure they don't get killed off or captured into by some lazy players looking for easy one time wheel spins.
this is exactly it, though most of the houses have rat killing agreements where they can only do certain things at certain times; being neutral and killing all the rats is a good way to get reset. lots of people (even some in my own house) will struggle to survive but never have much of a plan on how they intend to survive. They just expect others to open up wolves for them when they lose their castles and never bother to kill any of the advanced AI around them, but instead simply harvest the rats that the rest of us cultivate.

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Re: Wolf gets too much bias

Post by Esoteric Paradigm » Sat Aug 22, 2015 3:02 am

I have no problem with the wolfie world as it is - they can just leave it as it is as far as I am concerned - it is a great place to harvest cards and card points - no need to kill off the AI really and no need to get involved with the house politics at all :)


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