Admin's dirty business

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Re: Admin's dirty business

Post by Artanaro »

are you Benevoult PR?
as I already said
you do not have clue about anything

firefly admins do not even respect their own rules
so we decide to complain to higher instance

with this ticket we achieved what we wanted
our player is unblocked now and rest will be solved on difrent place


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Re: Admin's dirty business

Post by Lord Benevolent »

No one was unblocked because of this thread. All this thread has done is

a) Get Artanaro a 1 week forum ban for continued abuse
b) Demonstrated OP's lack of cromprehension of how the game administration works
c) Made serious accusations against the game administration without backing them up in any way
d) Wasted everyone's time

Your friends shared their account infos and used multiaccounts. That is why they were banned. You are now sore because they were caught and punished for it. If you don't want half of your faction banned, find a faction that doesn't violate the rules.

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