The rightfull king of eesti

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Evan Jellyman
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Re: The rightfull king of eesti

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Well looks like that's an end to the campaign, was hoping you could take the reigns over actually. I just sent this out.

"Loyal subjects of the crown,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce my retirement.

For personal reasons related to my work I am not longer able to contribute the time needed to conquer to great lands of Estonia.

It makes me really sad we couldn't achieve the goal of kingship in time but dam it was alot of fun and I hope at least it gave h19 a headache and inspired people a little bit.

Thanks for supporting the cause, it was really great!"


Sorry the story never got finished everyone, I hope it was at least entertaining up to this point.
The Rightfull King of Estonia, Huzzah!

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Re: The rightfull king of eesti

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It was indeed! Cheers mate and hope to see you again.


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