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Re: Alternate accounts

Post by Clasher2 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 6:16 am

Tyrron wrote:
So,...over 600 players that have spawned into a russian world in the fourth age in the last 5-8 days?
Yep and it is only logical.

See the info is that there is no IP check for Russia. That seems to be correct.
If so that means that every Tom, * and Harry can spawn unlimited numbers of Alts. Or every Maxim, Sergei or Dmitry for that matter :)
The number of ALTs concurrently active is limited by the number of Windows images available (PC's, laptops, VMs), but that's about it.

So as a Russian player you may expect the others to use many ALTS and as a result everyone will need to do the same or be marginalized ...
It becomes the rule, not the exception.
It becomes a habit that will logically follow that player base to every world they are active in.
why would they not have ip checks for russians? seems a little unfare


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