Disappearing Troops

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Disappearing Troops

Post by KailJoric » Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:44 pm

Has anyone else had this problem lately? It's only started in the last week or so, I'll go into my troop window and I'll have maybe 30 units I can add. I'll click to make 30 new pikemen. The number updates to show the new units, then a second or two later it reverts back to the prior number and my troops go away and I still have 30 units left to place.

Doesn't matter how many times I click to build the new units it just keeps reverting back to the original number over and over. If I log out and come back an hour or two later I might be able to make the adjustment but even that isn't a guarantee.

This isn't a game I can devote hours a day on end hovering over to just update a few build unit orders. The time I do put into the game I expect it to function properly. If I have the unit space available, the troops to build available I expect to click once get the result I need and move on. I don't want to have to have an argument or discussion with the game about whether or not I really wanted those 30 new pikemen. Game is getting worse than a woman... "Did you really want those troops,..you sure you want to do that, do you?" Come back later and we'll see if I'll let you have those 30 troops then, probably not but you'll come back anyway."

Fix your * game... it's not even a high end game or a very taxing game... buttons don't work.. quit breaking simple stuff... someone over there is shaking your etch-a-sketch when you aren't looking and it's forking everything up.

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Re: Disappearing Troops

Post by Sir Glennalot » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:08 am

I get a similar error a lot but it's not restricted to troops (or one particular world). I find a good trick to overcome this is purchase less troops/monks/scouts etc as it seems to be an updating issue on my end where the amount of space I have free showing is not the same as the amount of space I actually have so making the full allowance shown triggers an error and reverses the purchase/recruitment.
I'll do my best to help but sometimes I'll be wrong and you can bet there'll be someone along soon to point that out.

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