Any groups?

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Any groups?

Post by Garner. »

I am currently looking for a friendly group of players on USA 2.
(I refuse to join any groups related to house 9, 13, or 16.)

Maybe a faction that has a goal of joining an empty house and making something out of it. All of my villages are located either in North New Mexico, or Central Arizona.


You can comment below with your ideas, or mail me in-game. (@ Garner.) The period is part of the name.

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Re: Any groups?

Post by mwrinkle1 »

Try House 6 I'm a faction Officer with Minotaurs.

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Re: Any groups?

Post by SL0P0K3 »

I'm not trying to recruit you. I'm just curious why exactly you are wanting to avoid H13 or H19? Do you not want to war? You just want to sit and twittle your thumbs in neutrality? That's boring tbh! Just curious!!!!!

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Re: Any groups?

Post by O1uwPuTKRoIvf »

you got one, don't you..... :mrgreen:

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