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New player , and I decided to start on USA 2 because the Europe map was already 60+ days old . I figured I could learn more trying to sit on the edges of an experienced world and watch . I picked Oklahoma because my Dad lives there , man was that a mistake :P

I made some major mistakes , probably the worst was no diplomacy . I got scouted minutes after the final attack from a raider camp which not only took down my walls destroyed both my barracks leaving me with max of 30 . Only one of his 8 scouts got away but that was enough to see my broken walls . I did get to be mayor of Broken Arrow which was cool , someone had already built it up . When I took my second city I got a new capitol with no buildings , what a difference that was . I did build it up a bit . Definitely learned you can not have enough wood or apples !

I will do better on my next world and I am looking forward to it . When does a new world launch ?

Special thanks to my northern neighbor for answering all my dumb questions !


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Re: Thanks

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Now that's a good attitude. I was expecting another sarcastic thread full of "FF sucks because alts, blah blah blah". ♥

If you want to play in a peaceful world and also don't mind it being years old, try World 5 in North Wales. I can help you out there or guide you, whichever you like.

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