USA 2 World Peace Summit

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USA 2 World Peace Summit

Post by Hardcourt »

I would just like to put out there somthing.

All the main house's on the map are ran by player that have been playing a long time. And have played on many worlds. We if we all have that much time in the game, can't we stop all the BS and play straight up. No Alt accounts, NO agreement breaking and NO bad mouthing each other.

Just play. So why can't all the HM's have a USA 2 World Summit. And discuss the map and gameplay. I will Host on my TS.


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Re: USA 2 World Peace Summit

Post by cra66ig »

U want alt accounts disbanded? I thought they already are. FF?

The saying I always remember is: "Life sucks, and then you die."

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Re: USA 2 World Peace Summit

Post by Greygamer »

I doubt you can get people to give up things that have given them an advantage in the past

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Re: USA 2 World Peace Summit

Post by DekeYoungAtlanta »

This is a generalization:

If a player gains an advantage in manipulating a game system they do not consider themselves cheaters, rather that they are smarter than the game.

This pattern goes all the way back to Legend of Zelda, at which point the word "cheat" stopped being an immoral act and became a measure of computer game ability.

A collorary to this the rationalization that "if the designers did not want us to do this they would fix the rules."

- Deke

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Re: USA 2 World Peace Summit

Post by DarthDraugnir »

Well it would appear I am very late in the convo...

How well has this approach worked on USA1?

Who presently controls that map now?

sir stricker
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Re: USA 2 World Peace Summit

Post by sir stricker »

I am one of the good players in USA 2 I think that there are some players in this world that would rather see war rather then peace to name one would be a player by the name of sam6212 he has caused so much truble for so many player right along with me he lies about a lot and never keeps him so called word it counts for nothing now and after that he will stab anyone he want in the back just because he is a house leader or a so called one I am not hear so say stuff about me and another insted I am standing up for lots of players that are afraid to speek up because they do not want to be attack by this bully the leige lord we make he attacks we get reset he attack after monking the crap out of ya I cant help to know that there are many houses that wish this one house would just go away then there would be true peace that would start and much better playing too if there is anyone that agree with this then let do something about it insted just talking about it he will keep up his bullying of others untill someone does something.

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