Vast Shortage of Village Charters

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Lord Aldemar
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Vast Shortage of Village Charters

Post by Lord Aldemar »

I have but one village and the nearest village charter is 2 parishes from me.

There are only 9 (including mine) villages in my parish and no charters to be gotten.

If the parish isn't populated with additional charters, giving me a chance to progress, then I'll not remain playing on this world (USA2). It just won't be worth my time.

Just my 2 cents.

Lord Aldemar

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Priest Guardian
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Re: Vast Shortage of Village Charters

Post by Priest Guardian »

W-9 has had only 3 charter spawns for all age 1 thus far. Many parishes have only 3 villages and no charters

I believe it is an effort to make the populace fight for land on the new servers instead of just buy charters without conflict
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Re: Vast Shortage of Village Charters

Post by dsds212011 »

yeah quite unevenly balanced where the charters spawn. I've got one parish with 6 villages, and another one with one village and no other charters.

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