inactive cities in my parish

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inactive cities in my parish

Post by Araeillia »

im the steward of peralriver parish and i think i have an inactive person in the only other town but mine. what should i do about this? or can i?

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Re: inactive cities in my parish

Post by Xylun »

You have several choices in this case. If your sure their inactive you can raze them or find someone who is active befriend them and have them capture the village. Or if its a low rank and they are inactive Firefly does it for you and poof they vanish after a certain amount of time.

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Re: inactive cities in my parish

Post by Wizard »

I have more solutions that what he suggested.

number 1 if he's inactive you can use him for pillage and leave him be otherwise get more resource or anything else he produces through pillages

number 2 you can leave him be he's not voting or costing you stewardship you can just collect his money through taxes until he gets deleted for inactivity

number 3 you can use him for quests again example pillage and ransack also even achievements.

Then once your done for example he no longer has anything to pillage and hes out of cash because taxes are not getting paid you can capture or raze him then or give his village away to a friend.

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Re: inactive cities in my parish

Post by Macon3 »

most parish stewards will not leave an inactive around to be captured by possible enemies. imo raze it, capture it or find an ally to capture it.

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