New players be Advised

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Re: New players be Advised

Post by Shamona »

Yeah, I probably made a mistake giving USA-2 a try.

I'm not experienced enough to make a solid go of any of this and it's not ideal to have my butt handed to me repeatedly by pig invasions.

I enjoy the foraging and building aspects of the game, the rest of it escapes me and hasn't gone very well. It's way better than Travian Kingdoms, but the redirects to their tutorial pages every time I click something are ridiculous.

Anyways, I'm now in negative popularity limbo and can't get an army to save my life. Probably gonna take a break and try again another time. Seems like I've just wasted a bunch of time.

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Re: New players be Advised

Post by dsds212011 »

Yeah whenever I rank up, it is due to necessity. Such as need more research points or need new village slots. If you do it that way, I think you will see why older worlds with more honor gains will make it easier for newer players. As you wouldn't be running out of research points due to not ranking fast enough. Basically you can expand at your own pace without any restrictions. Just don't expand/rank too fast.

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Re: New players be Advised

Post by SL0P0K3 »

If you are a new player you should be starting out in a one of the Newer worlds not an advanced world in age 3 or 4. You would be way behind the curve in those worlds!

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Re: New players be Advised

Post by DekeYoungAtlanta »

There is value in a new player going to an established server as a learning tool, with the understanding that the new player will never be competitive on their individual abilities.

Spend time and no crowns on a established server for a month, then move to a new server and try to be competitive.

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Re: New players be Advised

Post by HappyHour224 »

i think SHK is terrible for beginners regardless of the age

the learning curve is ok, but the boredom curve is ridiculous. literally takes 2 months to get anything worthwhile going to have some fun

true-newbs struggle everytime, but at least with the 1st age (especially the beginning of the age) you at least feel everyone else is struggling too

there is trade-off however, on the old worlds you do not compete with anything, but at the same time that same lack of energy on the server means that all the negative things (disease, AI, etc.) build to absurd levels and unless you are lucky with an active sheriff you get stuck with -90 popularity in your towns

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Re: New players be Advised

Post by Cripper2 »

If you run tokens and research mathematics at the earliest opportunity you can get through the research at a fastest possible rate. Research is a problem but if you ditch whole areas like banquetting & other individual things such as philosophy you can manage. IT helps if you are an experienced player (+cards) and you have the support of a faction giving you built villages and LL armies. Experience and understanding the mechanics of the game is the most important thing. A complete novice with no initial help, very little carding and tokens for some of the time can start in a world at the beginning of age 3 and get to the top 100 by the end of the age 3. I did that and I can do it four times as fast now with experience

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