d2jsp.org for SHK Trading?

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d2jsp.org for SHK Trading?

Post by Fiddy »

D2jsp has been used for Diablo 2 trading for more than a decade, and is used for WoW, LoL and so many more popular games... why not SHK?

I've started a general trade discussion in the "General- MMORPG" thread... No, they don't have a RTS thread, nor a SHK thread.

Trade your resources on worlds for JSP forum gold, and use them for resources, assassinations, or to get ahead in a different game?

Eh? Whatever. Your choice. I'd like to assassinate some peeps on some worlds for some jsp fg!

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Re: d2jsp.org for SHK Trading?

Post by Bglizard »

I've never used it before so it might be out of my knowledge but I don't think you'll get much money trading something like apples to someone. Most of the stuff in this game is so easy to produce or get if your not producing it that it really lowers the value of how much gold you get

The only things I forsee being bought are Silk,Salt,Spices and maybe catapults but only if it's a new server

Assassinations sounds interesting but probably more trouble then its worth since if that person is in a faction the assassinator now has to deal with an entire faction of angry people

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