Pinoy Alliance

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Pinoy Alliance

Post by jasmine_rey »

Iam gathering all Filipino to unite in this server to make a diffirence and become a major impact to this game.... In game message me if your willing to join a movement

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Re: Pinoy Alliance

Post by abet17 »

tara anu id mo sa game..?

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Re: Pinoy Alliance

Post by ginsengsamurai »

I'm really curious if there is even that many Filipinos to make a strong faction on any server. Though I was somewhat surprised when I learned my Faction General in W5 is of Korean descent with the voice of a pørn star. Then again, a quarter of the people in my faction in USA1 sound like phone sėx operators, especially Tbonci. Actually...

Never mind. I'm not Filipino. My ethnicity is Chinese.


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