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Re: Open all of USA2

Post by dsds212011 »

So I guess it is pretty easy to just dump another world on the server as it is all game code. Push a button and woosp a new world opens without any assistance or interference by developers.

No one to check if the game is running fine and whether they should tweak things in game?

Also funny how there was down time shortly before the new counties opened.

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Re: Open all of USA2

Post by Sarla »

greenwitch wrote:We need more area opened so that smaller houses have a chance to expand and grow.
Then why are you attacking smaller houses now ?

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Re: Open all of USA2

Post by Macon3 »

areas will continue to open as players rank up, gain more village slots and get more villages. areas opening on the map is more about the number of villages on the server than players.

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