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 Greatest Village Ever 
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Post Re: Greatest Village Ever
Your village sucks..

Sat Mar 28, 2015 5:05 pm

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Post Re: Greatest Village Ever
anything ever come of this village

Sun May 24, 2015 10:21 pm
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Post Re: Greatest Village Ever
Are you counting bless or not? With 100 bless and a village of pasive honour (not statues from parish, they are quite expensive to build in short term) I get around 80k honour per day per village at Age 1 lol.

Who says justice are worthless? Clearly, he didn't calculated properly the results.

A simplied example:

You have the multiplier: 100x100=10.000 honour.

Let's place one of the justice buildings that reduce population 6 points and gives 21 in honor.


I have always used justice and in all situations I gather more honour than without them...

Build this kind of village (all food types, justice, decorative, ... everything that boost passive honor) and give it to low lvls. They will grow fast and you won't need to bother more about them like other methods (sending parish attacks, sending banket goods, sending troops to their parish,...) this method is quite effective to make a big bunch of knights in a few days in new worlds such * global conflict.

Keep in mind that you need a player with 2 slots to capture your village friendly. So, the first step to help him is to send attacks of peasants from the parish to give him honour (1 peasant=8honour): cheap and fast fow the first rank. Once he hits the rank for 2nd village he will be able to rank though passive method.

Of course this requires a player that have researched everything to build a proper village, but, is not very hard and is a good way to lvl up fast. I hit marquish in Global Conflict in less than 30 days? Despite that I was the only one of my parish blessing, healing and doing all the work? The IA farming is good but it becomes harder the more active players are around you, and, requires the player to be online and send troops, but, is a nice complement to the passive honour method that doesn't require any card to run in order to rank pretty nice and have a non stop research (I always run a premium the world where am focusing, imagine the amount of ranks I needed in order to have a non stop). Also, I kept a balance buying research points and researching the technology to reduce the cost of gold to buy new research points (I had maxed the speed of researching too).

The banket system to farm honour, in my opinion, is a big waste of points, time and dollars. However, is a nice ranking system if you have unlimit dollars or funds to use in order to hit rank fast. It's the old way to rank fast when you are a player that wants to spend tons and tons of money on it to hit fast and have a lot of research points (so you need to spend them fast with more money) at the same time you are an easy target for attacks.

In conclusion, I think that passive honour + IA farming is a nice combo to have a non stop researching with premium +30 days in a new world. If you want to farm honour to place villages once you are prince, then, banket system can be a nice way to farm the amount of goods you need to make nice bankets. The key of succees is not to grow fsater, is to find a balance between ranking (grow) & researching. Be a big fish (rank) and have 0 researchs done is stupid, be a low rank that takes ages to rank and research is *.

Some support to RazinHel as an user who uploads useful things of Stronghold Kingdoms

Sun Jan 03, 2016 5:12 pm
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