Compilation of feedback for future Domination Worlds (long)

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Compilation of feedback for future Domination Worlds (long)

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Allow me to preface by stating that firstly, this is going to be a rather long and thorough post, offering a compilation of many of the best ideas that have been posted, with detailed explanations to explain the logic behind why myself and others feel they would improve the game. The ultimate objective of these ideas is to make the next Domination world truly feel like Domination, where victory is decided through combat and there are many houses vying for control of land instead of just 2 super houses fighting each other. If anyone is curious as to my experience, I was an officer of the faction Castle Destruction Co., the leading faction of the winning house.

Glory From Quests - Myself and everyone that I've talked to all agree that glory from quest rewards need to be removed on future Domination worlds.

Why? It's insanely powerful, so powerful that it makes questing -vastly- more important than smashing your enemies. This definitely goes against the theme of a domination world, but let's take a look at the numbers to back up this claim. If you tally up all the quests that award glory, the total is over 200,000 for a single person. We won the world with around 6,400,000 glory. We literally could have had all 60 members of our house sit in the corner of the map and just do their quests all game long, and we would have ended the game with more glory than we did fighting an epic war. The entire map (minus parishes) gives about 67,000 glory per day. So one house could control the entire map while the other house does nothing but quest, and the questing house wins. Worse yet, allies can be invited into the house to hand in quests, then be kicked once their quest is done. This made the final 30 days of the game all about who can find the most allies with quests instead of being about Domination.

End of World Conditions - I feel that the world should end when a house reaches a certain amount of glory (I would say around 3,000,000) instead of ending on a specific day.

Why? There is a point where the winning house can look at the glory board and state definitively that the runner up house cannot catch up, even if they take the entire map. At that point, the world is over and there is no point to continue playing (boring.) This happened around day 60 on the last world, with people forgetting that quests could help the enemy house catch up. When you consider that most wars don't get started until day 20-30, and don't really heat up until day 30-40 or so, that only leaves 20-30 days of actual real combat on the world. Again, I feel this goes against the theme of the Domination world, which should be to fight until the bitter end. If the victory conditions were set at a specific amount of glory, and the leading house quit the game, then they could lose their land and ultimately forfeit their victory.

Prize Structure - The structure for the way prizes are handed out on future Domination worlds really needs work. A drastic restructure would both encourage participation, and discourage super houses, while preserving the best rewards for those who fought through the thick of battle and persevered.

Why? The current prize structure gives the same reward to those who actively participated in all the wars that were fought from day 1, as it does to someone who just sat there farming casually and logged in once a day to kill off some wolves to make it into the top 10 of a leader board. This definitely goes against the theme of a world dedicated to PvP. I proposed a tiered system of prizes, with different rewards to people who fall into each criteria. Something like this:

#1 House
1 Platinum Pack*
10 Ultras
15 Supers
20 Randoms

#2 House
8 Ultras
10 Supers
15 Randoms

#3 House
5 Ultras
8 Supers
10 Randoms

#4 House
2 Ultras
5 Supers
10 Randoms

#5 House
1 Ultra
3 Supers
10 Randoms

Leaderboard Position 1
Unique Pack**
1 Ultra
3 Supers
10 Randoms

Leaderboard Positions 2-10
3 Supers
10 Randoms

*The Platinum Pack should contain at least a few cards that cannot be obtained anywhere else, some of which could be cards that act to "stack" the effects of other cards. Here are some examples of cards that could be in the Platinum Pack: 8x army speed, 5x politics, 5 research points, 2x monk speed for 1 hour, 2x increase in all capacities for 4 days, 4x increase to all stockpile goods produced, a large weapon haul (100 of each weapon,) etc.
**Unique Pack. Each leaderboard should have a specific unique pack that coincides with that leaderboard and contains some specific cards, one or two of which would be new and unique cards only obtainable from that pack, the others could just be cards that already exist but coincide with the theme of that leaderboard. For example, the banqueting leader's pack could be: "4x increase to all banquet good production for 24 hours" (special card) "300 instant silk" "small increase in spice production" "2x hall capacity for 2 days" and "2x honor from banquets for 1hr."

Why? To encourage players in houses that won't win to continue participating. With the current rule set, houses that knew they weren't going to win offered their land to one of the big houses in exchange for a couple of members being allowed to join. With a prize structure like the one I proposed, a house in a similar situation would be more inclined to continue the war in hopes of getting a runner up prize. This would help to encourage a giant "free for all" style of warfare and discourage entire houses from willingly giving their land to another house in hopes of a couple members getting into the winning house.

The idea behind restructuring the leaderboard packages is to encourage participation in Domination. It's a game of war, and I feel that everyone will agree that someone who casually farms all game long doesn't deserve the same prize as someone who actively participated in dominating their enemies for 100 days.

Leaderboard Fixes - About half the leaderboards are currently broken and need to be fixed, especially if rewards are handed out for people being at the top. The leaderboards that need to be fixed are: Pillager, Defender, Worker, Farmer, Brewer, Weaponsmith, Banquetter, Quester, and Conqueror.

How are they broken and how can we fix them?

Pillager - Two people can sit there farming all game, then just pillage each other over and over to rank up on this board very quickly. I don't know any way to solve this problem without creating more problems. Perhaps just removing this from the leaderboard is the solution.

Defender - This is easily rigged by having someone you're friends with keep attacking you with armed peasants. The only solution that I can come up with would be to make armed peasants not count on this leaderboard.

Worker, Farmer, Brewer, Weaponsmith, Banquetter - These boards all reflect how many packets are being produced per day. They are all somewhat easily rigged by just simply playing some production cards right before the world ends to temporarily increase the amount produced. The obvious solution is to change them to reflect how many packets of goods the player has produced total, instead of per day. This would allow a true display of production to reach the top of a leaderboard instead of a temporary one.

Quester - This board is broken because of how the game handles ties. It seems that if multiple people are tied at a certain number, the game just randomly picks someone to be in each position. I propose the solution that either A). the first person to reach that position is #1 or B). in the event of a tie, the person with the most points is in position #1. Under solution A the first person to complete all quests would be the person who will permanently be in position 1, while in solution B the person who currently has the most points would have position 1.

Conqueror - This board is also easily rigged, because 2 people of the same rank can just trade villages back and forth to boost their rank. I feel that the easiest solution would be to only count a capture for the first time that specific village is captured (so if you capture a village then someone else captures it back, it gives both of you credit, but if you recapture it, you do not receive credit the second time.)

Faith Point Management - I propose the cost of influencing votes be doubled.

Why? On a normal world, faith points are the single hardest resource to come by, and faith management is one of the staples of a good player. On the Domination world, without interdiction, and with all those extra villages, faith just became kind of an afterthought to performing whatever task you were doing. Even after engaging in a monk war that lasted a couple weeks, faith was still extremely plentiful. If the cost of votes was doubled, then there might be a decision to make as to whether you want to bless your parishes or send votes.

Capital Gold - I suggest that capital taxes be quadrupled.

Why? Domination world is VERY fast paced. Villages and capitals are built much more quickly, and demolished equally as fast. On a standard world the normal taxation rate keeps pace with the world, but on Domination gold to the capitals feels like a very slow trickle. If the rate of taxation were quadrupled, then capitals could build armies much more quickly and keep pace with the rest of the game.

Voting in Peace - Using monks to influence elections should break peace time.

Why? Using a monk to influence votes is an act of war, and acts of war should break peace time on a village.

Once again, this is a suggestion post, so numbers can be tweaked. Overall, I believe that all of these changes would help to create a great and amazing new world for the second Domination world. A world decided by war and blood :).
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Re: Compilation of feedback for future Domination Worlds (lo

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One thing FF was right about - people are never satisfied. I suppose the idea of Dom world was to bring in something new and let you HAVE FUN, not MAKE PROFIT. And it's NEVER FAIR, winners are always judjed for the way they accomplished the goal.

Personally I didn't have fun out of it and stopped because there was a lack of catapults = firepower to attack people = boring.
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Re: Compilation of feedback for future Domination Worlds (lo

Post by Odin29 »

Edited post to add explanation for prize structure changes.

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Re: Compilation of feedback for future Domination Worlds (lo

Post by DavidSpy »

Great post, comprehensive and very well thought out and presented. I gave you a tweet. :)

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