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The Problem of Domination

Posted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:31 pm
by VincentAmao
I love the domination concept (no vacation mode, no interdict, faster, ...)
Classic worlds are too long and too static.

Leaderboard and prizes sux!
Winners are: players in the winner house Or players in top 10.
To be in top 10, you have just to build full villages and castles, and up ranks. So, make points.
players in the winner house don't fight (they are sure to win a price).
players in top ten, play only points, defense and quest.

is'nt a war game?? Where is the battle?
Or is it a famirama game? :geek:

I think you kill the gameplay !
You encourage players to play 'free-for-all' and not 'team', 'faction', 'house'.
That's sad.

Better should to create prizes for players who takes risks and fight really !(give points by village caped or something...)
Encourage players to collaborate, play in team, ...
I hope the next Domination world will be better.

Thank's to read me.

Re: The Problem of Domination

Posted: Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:26 am
by DavidSpy
I believe providing rewards based on leaderboard rankings was to encourage lower ranked players to knock off the farming noobs with high LB points but only tons of smelters in their castles for defense.

I'll wait and see how that all plays out before passing judgement on the system.