Feedback on Domination world

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by Lord Alacrity »

Nice to see so much useful feedback from players! We are very interested in hearing your comments, critiques, and suggestions regarding this special type of world and we will no doubt incorporate some of these into future special worlds. :)

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by AuKhan »

There are so many empty charters and inactive villages.
This seems to be the case in other worlds as well.

The problem is not too many charters, but too few active players.
There simply are not enough players in the game for the size of the map.

A smaller map would be more dynamic, and more contested.

I would guess that a map about 1/2 the current size would work well.
Maybe an Ireland only world, or create a fictional land with a mix of islands and a large land mass.

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by Teutons »


reading through the feedback/comments here, I think Odin's were very good.

I came to this world w/ not much optimism or expectations, & w/ more of let's see what Domination gameplay is about & from being completely bored in the "Dead World" known as World#8.

After taking a slow, & wait & see approach I hooked up w/ H6 & moved up to Scotland & as time went on, got a better grasp of the gameplay & too be honest I prefer this type of world to the rest.

Like some have mentioned here, I won't go back to the regular world gameplay after playing Domination.

some suggestions:

1) Maybe expand the Faction capacity from 20 to 30?

2) Add new or tweak current quests for Domination? for instance completing a normally hard quest like "raid 100 flags" is very easy in domination due to how quickly the flags spawn compared to reg worlds. Certain quests appear too easy or useless in this world compared to reg. So either introduce new quests for "Dom" or tweak current ones.

3) Tweaking/fixing the battle AI. This gameplay when attk castles is still too much of a crap shoot & hoping that your troops don't act stupid. Too many times when I'm about to attk, I setup my troop formations in front of openings from previous attks on the castle & when I view the battle report I see most of the troops don't march forward through that opening I placed them in front of, instead they start to march around to where the castle gatehouse is, getting slaughtered by arrows the whole time & ruining the strategy.

Maybe putting in a feature where we can highlight the infantry troops (pike/swordsmen) & aiming their march/movement to a specific area, sort of like how we get the option (green circle) when aiming captain tactics & catapults.

4) More customizations! w/ our avatars & shields. Being able to add more personal touch to our avatars/shields is nice small touch.

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by Kheva »

First of all I would like to say that I completely agree with Odin, also I do agree that the map may be slightly larger than is needed. Though I do feel that much of the world is active. Then again I am in House 16 and am located in Ireland, so things have been very active lately with House 6 invading.

I have seen one potential change and while it is not huge, it could present some new game play dynamics. With monking, the only real gain in this world not related directly to questing would be voting. While blessings and inquisition do play key roles in some situations, with the lack of interdiction in this world, absolve and excommunication seem solely to stop people from voting, which I agree is definitely important. What I would like to see though is something new in relation to individual villages. In previous worlds interdiction was great to use when at war, but something like an inquisition that only hits a certain village would give a new aspect to the game, slowing people's army building power. Of course it wouldn't be able to work exactly as inquisition currently does but something like that would be cool as it would give a new aspect to monks in this world in a more "aggressive/defensive" sense than that of solely voting. I imagine that many wouldn't like this idea, but I have thought about it a few times and slowing invaders progress in parishes without hurting your allies also in the parish would be a good addition in my opinion. Maybe this would hurt non-carders more than those that spend money and it would make the game unfair, but I still think if it was tweaked the right way and only lasted a certain time and cost a good amount more faith it would work.

One other item that I have noticed is that of faith production, players with 20+ villages produce so much faith, with no real purpose, that eventually it just becomes an afterthought. In previous worlds with Interdiction saving faith was a huge part of the game as Interdicting one village took large amounts of faith to perform. In this world everything only costs 30 or 40 faith at a time and when you are producing upwards of 2000 a day, that is nothing. Maybe increasing the cost to influence votes would help change that.

Last thing is that of house and faction size. While I really do enjoy that houses can only hold a much smaller amount than the previous 480 (I think, I'm bad at math), I think 4 or 5 factions of 20 would be a little more reasonable. Then again, I believe the developers meant for houses to be unable to hold the amount of land that is being held currently by H16 and H6 and instead wanted there to be 4 or 5 houses in contention with each other holding 3 or 4 countries each.

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by Odin29 »

I completely agree that faith is entirely too plentiful. Faith management is a big part of a normal world, while on this world, as you said, it's not even an issue. The problem is 3 fold though. Firstly, this is a much faster paced world, players rank up and get more villages much more quickly, which allows them to complete all the quests much more quickly, resulting in much more faith much earlier in the game, plus there's no real need for "long term planning" when it comes to faith management since the world will be over soon.

Secondly, without interdiction the uses of faith are much more limited. On a standard world it costs 780 faith points to keep a single village of a Prince under ID for a day. Not the case on this world, so the other uses of faith don't add up nearly as quickly.

Lastly, everyone has a lot more villages, so faith production is naturally a lot higher.

I'm not really sure what to do to provide a solution to this. I think one of the first things to do would be to drastically lower the amount of faith rewarded from quests, and perhaps take faith off the quest wheel. Beyond that, I don't really know. That might actually be enough. If people didn't have a massive pool of faith from quest rewards to tap in to to flip counties or send out a week of excom, they might have to make the decision of whether they want to excom someone or monk a parish / county back.

I also like the idea of monks being used for something other than just votes and preventing others from using them. They don't seem very dynamic anymore. I suggested in another thread giving them a defensive ability that wasn't as silly as the old interdict. Maybe something that just increased the hit points of your castle towers and your archers on the towers and / or increased your chances of stopping an AI attack. Maybe also consider making the buff get stronger if someone is attacked while they're offline. Not a big buff, maybe just something like:

Increases the strength of your castle structures and archers by 15%. This is increased to 25% if the attack is launched AND lands while the player is offline. In addition this spell increases the chances of diplomatically stopping an AI attack by 50% in the targeted village.

Could make the FP cost so that it balances out at about 200-300 FP per day to keep a village under this buff. If nothing else that could give people something else to spend their FP on :).

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by TSP-Urhi »

Enjoying this world, I will not be playing a normal one again.

Throwing a radical idea out there, reduce the number of houses (dramatically). Worlds like this are going to end up with just a couple houses fighting for control, it would be great if the battle was more dynamic with more teams in the game, but unfortunately people will inevitably nut-cup with other houses (or simply take them other with dummy accounts). At that point the rest of the players are forced to do the same. I almost want to say just make two houses that players are auto-enrolled into upon starting the game (ala "wow horde/alliance"). I can see this world is going to get more boring toward the end (just like every other SHK world; only this one has an end!).

some other things

make it so monks can not be sent from villages under newbie protection
reduce flags (obviously)
castle build speed on capitols is still a bit slow for this world
make a minimum amount of land a house must control in order to maintain their house (otherwise the house frees up for other players); should reduce the effectiveness of dummy houses.
fix the lag

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by Odin29 »

I actually am torn on the flags thing. On one side it could be a resource to fight over, but on the other it would slow growth and growth is intentionally very accelerated on this world to allow people to be combat ready faster. Having a kingseat be combat ready by day 25 is awesome.. knowing you could be hit by a 900 man army before the world is even a month old really helps to promote the whole uneasy feeling of the domination world.

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by metroman »

I'd definitely recommend Taxes bring in more income to the Parishes, as it is now, there is hardly anything that can be done other then just send troops from the villages to stock it up...and that process takes a lot longer when it takes all your weapons so fast (even if production research is maxed out and as many structures that fit are built to make it as fast as possible) Also it still takes forever for the Cats to be produced..would be nice to see at least their production made faster.

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by Odin29 »

After thinking about it I have to say I'm against the idea of reducing the flag spawn rate, especially if the map is shrank on the next domination world. The main reason is that flags are spawning quickly is because the world is paced to progress much more rapidly. Think about how developed capitals are now, then compare that to how developed they would be on a normal world on day 185. If flag spawns were reduced, then the world would be half over by the time the capitals would be complete, which just goes against everything that makes this world so amazingly fun.

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Re: Feedback on Domination world

Post by kwud »

I would say their on the right track.

but i think it was wrong to boost some things and not others, its created noticible inbalances in the game.

perhaps just doubling or quadrupling everything instead of a couple things might work better.

or start with our researches half maxed out

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