Current wars on W7

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Re: Current wars on W7

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You should return and terrorize the ones who reset you. :twisted:
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Re: Current wars on W7

Post by meatball2k »

@ SR its easy to raze a castle if someone is ofline but to reset someone completely is who different ball game especially if there part of a decent faction and a high level. You would also need a lot of vassal armies to raze say 10 villages without person getting on and his faction not noticing all the attacks. Usually you would also know if you where in a war and some of your villages would be on ID.

I always say if you get reset its because you let yourself get reset and you just don't care anymore or the odds are stacked heavily against you so you just give up. I have never been close to being reset in any server that I have actively played. If I wanted to stay in a server I would not usually put myself in a position to be reset either.

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