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 Battle Report World 7 
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Post Re: Battle Report World 7
could I see those attack reports as well? Looking for ideas on how to change up my attack formations or castle defense.

Wed May 29, 2013 8:40 pm
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Post Re: Battle Report World 7
The game auto deletes reports after 30 days, most likely the reports prevalent in this discussion are no longer available.

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Wed May 29, 2013 9:39 pm
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Post Re: Battle Report World 7
FORTKNOX. wrote:
Defender: FORTKNOX
cards in play: 'advanced guard houses' (560 troops) / 'expert pits' (X4 dam) / 'expert stone walls' (2.5) / 'advanced stone structures' (1.8) / 'improved moats' (1.3) / 'improved oil pots' (1.3) / 'expert turrets' (X2 fire rate) / 'expert tunnelers' (X2 troops) / 'expert call to arms' (X2 keep fire rate) / 'Desperate Defense' (repair) / 'Last stand' (10) / 'surprise attack' (12)

notes; full sally forth / 8 ballista / 5 turrets / 20 tunnelers / 3 great tower rows with keep moat / full research of armor & health for archers / 2 captains and 20 pike at keep rest archers totaling 560 troops

Attacker: Mirett and his team

notes; 11 perfect timed attacks with raze captain . (100 cats / 300 archers / 100 pike ) for all attacks right at the front door of castle

Result; By the 7th army the keep was breached , all great towers destroyed and moat filled in. Only back archers remain numbering 283 from 560 total troops.

Conclusion; I tip my hat to you Mirett for a superb attack. Well done. To the cry babies who say carding ruins the balance of the game, hook up with Mirett and he will teach you otherwise.

p.s Assuming the war between our 2 houses continues, I am sure we will meet again on the battlefields of W-7 . KNOX out

Mirett wrote:
Thanks Fortknox :) You had a really impressive defence there! And you are right that carding does not matter that much if you can attack properly.

I would not be able to do these attacks without my awesome suppliers, so I thank them for the support they have been giving me! And I am looking forward to meeting you again in this war Knox, you are a very sporting opponent!

See these two are honourable players, even though Knox lost, he still compliments Mirett, i top my hat to you both. Good day

Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:39 pm

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Post Re: Battle Report World 7
MechJosh0 wrote:

I recently tried to raze someone with a 1/4 castle built, my captain was 10 minutes away and he carded his castle to fully built. So obviously my captain failed. However I wasn't having this, I then grabbed my friend and we sent 10 (or more) timed attacked and had him razed. He was online as well which made is harder.

Well in this case the guy you attacked must be pure noob or something.
Or u excommed him?
If i am online, i will never allow you to send more attacks than 3. And if u launch cap as first attack then boom id.
If i am a carder (which in reality i am not). While you attack me, i will raze 4,5 of your armies coming towards me before they even reach me.

MechJosh0 wrote:
Carding isn't as powerful as powerful as most people think. People say carders are impossible to deal with, but you just need to improve your tactics.

Carding is powerfull.
I know carders on world 1. People like me donot give scout report. in their case forget the scout report They donot even give you attack report of a full attack. A good castle + cards can help u defend like 11,12 attacks.

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Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:42 pm
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