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The Woodcutters Guild Meets with the Steward

Posted: Tue Dec 12, 2017 12:12 am
by Hezikiah II
You are greeted by a formal looking Steward in Cyan, he shakes you hand firmly and says, “Welcome to the Woodcutters Guild in here in Clayton Parish, glad you signed up- you will not regret it! Look good old Jack is about to speek for the first time!”
“Harrumph,” this ‘Jack’ grunts, looking uncomfortable.
“Awe Jackie boy it won’t be that bad” the steward says, clapping him on the back.
He scratches the back of his neck, moves to the front of the room and begins by saying,
”The name’s Jack-Saw, Been a member of this-here Woodcutters Guild since it began here in Clayton- not all that long mind you, but I was the first t’ sign up for the better life the guild would offer. Lot of new faces around…” he paused, then continued, “I just wanted t’ say that I don’t think our wages are quite high enough yet- if I wudn’t getting surplus food from the granary I couldn’ afford my rent! Taxes are good though, at least in Hannover Town”
Everyone claps- including the steward, who then moves up to the front of the room to mild applause, “I heard you Jack-Saw , and I heard everyone else too…”
your interest wanes and you sit down at the bar and get an ale.