Goodbye SHK

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Goodbye SHK

Post by HelaFire » Tue Apr 25, 2017 12:26 am

Well it is finally time for me to put this game back in the proverbial box. I came back to help a friend from a previous silent goodbye but this time I intend for this to be the final goodbye.

So a few shout outs to people who defined the game for me: 0ct4ne with no doubt you made a huge impact on my shk days, keep moving forward my friend.
W5 so many to mention....H9, H19 and H1 players in age 1 you all changed my game from farm and build to war, enough respect to all who i played with on W5 even people from outside of those houses.
W7 was definitely an interesting time one I left and came back to and one that really taught me how devious people can play.
W8 many on this world saved me in a time i really needed good friends so thank you.
EU1 was a game changer........I met some of the best people I have played with, the most loyal: yula; Cregor; jwilson; Laella and in EU2 sivestri and many others you know who you are.

GC1: I end here with you, dragged back from the dark by my friend we took an ended world and turned it around. Maybe it never ended the way I would have liked but I stand by my friend hopefully until the end of age 1

Peace out

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