Global Conflict 6

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Kami The Gundi
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Global Conflict 6

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Hey guys,

I was playing for a while in world Europa 6 but now War is over and we play just to grow. In between I have 16 Villages and still some keys to have more. To join a new challenge and to stay active I did purchase a village in Global Conflict 6. Where you can play with players all around the world. I see many armies moving and players around me in Interdictions.

Can someone update me about the war between the Houses and Factions in this world? I did write to some players but unforetunately no answer. I play around the House 13.

Who is attacking who and who are allies? Thankyou guys! Wish you alot of joy playing!

Lord Vahid
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Re: Global Conflict 6

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H2-3-7-10-11-14-16-20 VS H1-4-5-8-9-15-17-18-19

We sent message to all of factions in H13 about what's going on. Ask your leader to add you in thread. :)

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